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  • Spray Booth Filtration System // Activated carbon filtration (VOC absorbing) system.

    The Carheal air re-circulation system saves energy and eliminates VOC contamination via the unique filtration stages.

    Filtration upgrade system includes laser cut filter frames for easy installation and mounting of the specially designed bespoke custom tailor-made carbon filter cartridges with a total Activated carbon equal to +140 kg. Easy to install with a unique "twist & click" system which includes 2 x 3V shape particle filters to protect the carbon filter cartridges. 

Extract 3-Stage Filtration System

Differential pressure switches monitor airflow pressure and indicate when filters need replacing

  • Stage-1
    Paint Arrestor
    (Paper Media)

    to collect the dissociative particles

  • Stage-2
    Pleated Box
    (Synthetic Media)

    to pre-filter fine particles and dust

  • Stage-3
    Carbon Block
    (Active Charcoal filter)

    to reduce fumes and odours

  • Carheal Portal // Indoor Spraybooth

    3-Stage Filtration System

  • Black Box and VOC Detection System

    Documentation and Certification

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