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  • Spray Booth Operating System // 
    The Black Box captures and reports all portal/cabin data and user statistics in real time!

    All data is fed back to relevant stakeholders on a real-time basis, with accurate up to the minute information.

    Essential for KPI measurement, paint and materials usage and workshop productivity analysis. The  system monitors all emissions, ventilation, paint consumption, energy consumption, spraying times ...and is acutely sensitive to all internal VOC levels.

A revolution in data capture and workflow management.
Reports all cabin data and user statistics in real time!

  •  Full Monitoring 

      VOC management
    Filtration notification
    Cabin operations time
    Ventilation working area
      Cabin/Portal Temperature
      Energy consumption
      Drying time IR / UV A1
      Spray time, Gun 1-3

  • VOC Detection System 

    Maintenance-free microprocessor-controlled sensor. Monitors the air quality based on a mixed gas sensor/VOC sensor and reports all data to the Black Box. Instant notification alarms are activated if agreed levels are exceeded. >> Patented Technology

Ensuring Optimum Spray Booth Performance 24 Hours a Day
Secure data storage - multiple servers worldwide

  • Carheal Portal // Indoor Spraybooth

    3-Stage Filtration System

  • Black Box and VOC Detection System

    Documentation and Certification

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