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Hellerup, 29 March 2019


Nordic Alpha Partners splits off SMART Repair manufacturer in a continued focus on its investment in Carheal.

In September 2018, Nordic Alpha Partners invested in the company Carheal which also included the SMART Repair manufacturer, HBC System. This part of the business has now been sold to the founder, whose youngest son simultaneously joins the owner group.

As Henrik Bro Christensen stated to the business newspaper Børsen, when Nordic Alpha Partners invested in Carheal, it was: ".. a big decision to go from having 100 per cent control of my business to sharing ownership with a investment fund.

” For Henrik Bro Christensen, like many founders, handing over his life's work was not easy. When the new strategy in addition was focused primarily on a global expansion of Carheal's portal product for repairing car damages, and to a lesser extent on the original core business, the idea was not far away: "I could see the potential in Carheal with the inflow of additional capital and in particular the fund's growth-focused methodology behind the solution. However, at the same time I realised that the original SMART Repair business was still closest to my heart and this spurred the idea to buy back HBC System,” says Henrik Bro Christensen. 

A split into two companies

The result of these considerations as well as a positive dialogue with Nordic Alpha Partners is that as of March 1, Carheal and SMART Repair manufacturer HBC System have been split into two companies. HBC System continues under the same name and management. At the same time Henrik Bro Christensen's son, Jacob Bro Christensen, has joined the group of owners.

“Our primary interest was Carheal and the quick repair solution for dents and paint damage to cars. So, when Henrik Bro Christensen expressed interest in getting back the component business we were sympathetic to this wish - and I also believe that this is the best long-term solution for both companies, ” says Jakob Fuhr Hansen, investment partner at Nordic Alpha Partners.

The growth journey continues

The plans for Carheal's growth journey have been made and CEO Mads Prebensen, together with Value Creation Partner, Troels Øberg from Nordic Alpha Partners, will now be executing on them. "The result of our talks with Henrik Bro Christensen has led to clearer structure, which makes it possible to focus even more on the Carheal solution and the global expansion that we have intended for it," says Troels Øberg.

Going forward, Henrik Bro Christensen, who together with Australian Daniel Zammit invented the Carheal concept, will have a small shareholding in the company, while Nordic Alpha Partners and Daniel Zammit together will have the majority of the shares.


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